Zamst FA-1 Ankle Brace

Zamst FA-1 Ankle Brace

Create stability by compressing the unstable ankle

The FA-1 is designed for individuals who need a compact size brace for light compression and ankle support.

Material: Fiber: Nylon, Polyester, Elastane Non-fiber: Polyurethane



Product Description

Thin and breathable material

Slip easily on and off. Provides comfortable fit whilst not being too bulky in the shoe

Three-dimensional stitching to allow free motion

Three-dimensional stitching using a stretchable material on the center front of the main body provides high level of fit and ease of movement

Adjustable compression level

The inner support inside the main body enables you to adjust the compression level. It considerably reduces bulk in the shoes by applying open-front design and reversed triangle shape.

Good level of support

The plantar strap connected to the inner support and the main body enhances support level by providing taping and anti-slip functions.

How to select proper size

Choose a size based on your shoe size. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Size US Shoe Size Men US Shoe Size Women
XSmall 2 - 4.5 3 - 5.5
Small 5 - 7.5 6 - 8.5
Medium 8 - 10.5 9 - 11.5
Large 11 - 13.5 12 - 14.5
XLarge 14 - 16.5 15 - 17.5



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The Zamst FA-1 Ankle Brace is designed for people who need light compression and ankle support. The Zamst FA-1 Ankle Brace is not bulky, thus it fits comfortably in a shoe

Ankle sprains

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XSmall, Small, Medium, Large, XLarge