Zamst Filmista Wrist Support

Zamst Filmista Wrist Support

New-generation strapping tape style support with ultra-thin films.

The Filmista wrist support integrates a dual layer fusion stabilizer technology with a flex film construction. This provides a unique combination of a superlite, variable compression support with a second skin feel. By engineering these technologies into the Filmista design, we are able to simulate the taping process and offer a unique, micro thin support solution.

Material: Fibre: Elastane, Nylon, Polyester Non-fibre: Polyurethane

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Product Description

Applied with F.S. Technology

Compressed with two different types of elastic urethane films. Achieve thinness, strength and good fit. * F.S. stands for Film Stability

Precisely support unstable wrist with dual strap

The dual strap structure enables precise adjustment of compression level and provides firm support.

Loop structure for simple application

Applied with a loop system that allows adjustment by simply pulling straps which makes it easy to apply on your own.


Innovative grip feature to prevent slipping.

How to select proper size

Measure the circumference of the wrist at its narrowest part. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger one.

Size Circumference of Wrist
Small 13-17
Medium 17-21



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The ultra thin Zamst Filmista Wrist Support replicates the taping process. Easy to use so you can tape yourself anytime. This is a unique micro thin support solution for the wrist.

ZAMST Filmista Wrist

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Small, Medium