Zamst ZW-1 Pelvilock Back Brace

Zamst ZW-1 Pelvilock Back Brace

Low profile brace for pelvic stability

Turn the dial to provide support to the pelvis as you like. Move freely, such as forward flexion and rotation, while being firmly stabilized.

Material: Fibre: Polyester, Nylon, Elastane Non-fibre: Chloroprene, Polycarbonate, Polyacetal, Nylon, TPC, Glass-filled nylon, Glass-filled polyacetal, Stainless steel

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Product Description

Applied with Boa® Closurer System

Two Boa® Closures are installed on the main body. You may adjust support level as you like by turning the dial to fasten

Precise fit for the shape of pelvis

With using the 3D anthropometric data (*), it provides a proper fit with the shape of the pelvic area. * Database independently investigated by 3D measuring machine.

Suppress upward slip during sports

The fabric utilizing distinctive grip feature of urethane suppresses sliding upward while it keeps low-profile and breathability. In addition, anti-slip tape is applied inner side of the main body.

Support without hindering forward flexion and rotation movement

With narrowing the width of main boy of the belt, it follows dynamic movement while providing precise support

Simple design

The strap cover is placed outside the main body and makes it simple design to hide the straps when applying

How to select proper size

Measure the circumference of the Hip at its widest part

Size Circumference of Hip cms
XSmall 77 - 82.5
Small 82.5 - 91
Medium 91 - 99
Large 99 - 107
XLarge 107 - 115
2XLarge 115 - 123



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The Zamst ZW-1 Pelvilock Back Brace enables you to move freely while being firmly stabilised. Turn the dial to provide the support that suits you best.

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